Tuesday, January 8, 2013


- SARATOGA CAMPAIGN OCCURRING IN 1777 WAS PART OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR.  Initiated by the British Command, namely General John Burgoyne,  in North America in order to gain military control of the Hudson River Valley. The plan involved moving 8,000 troops in June of 1777 from Quebec via Lake Champlain to central New York and then by land through the Hudson Valley to Saratoga.  Battle ensued with American Troops and culminated in the Battles of Saratoga which was a month-long series of strategic maneuvers beginning in September of 1777.  However, the official dates of the Saratoga Campaign are noted as beginning June 14, 1777 and ending October 17, 1777.  British forces surrendered to American General Horatio Gates.  This victory resulted in France's decision to support the United States by sending soldiers, money and naval services.

A great majority of the historic sites where the Saratoga Campaign played out are now preserved as state or national parks.  Your will find monuments listed under National Historic Landmarks or on the National Register of Historic Places.  Battles are regularly reenacted. 

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