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  Continuing the list of wars/conflicts...

- New York and New Jersey Campaign which was part of the American Revolutionary War .  The battles ensued over who would control New York City and the state of New Jersey.  The British were led by General Sir William How, while the Continental Army was led by General George Washington!  Howe drove Washington's troops out of New York City by adding Hessian troops to his British forces.  If you remember your history lessons in school, Hessian soldiers were mercenaries--guns for hire and were from German principalities.

When we think of Washington, we generally picture him as he crossed the Delaware in the dead of winter. This occurred during one of these campaigns.

 On July 3, 1776, Howe's forces landed on Staten Island and defeated Washington's troops in what would be the biggest battle of the Revolutionary War.  Washington's troops consisted of soldiers from New England and regiments that came from as far as Virginia.They retreated to Manhatten and were eventually forced to White Plains, NY. The morale of Washington's troops was plummeting as they made their way across the Hudson River into New Jersey, then crossing the Delaware River into Pennsylvania.

Howe had his troops in winter quarters during the month of December, from New York to New Jersey.  That is when Washington struck at the Trenton quarters, by crossing the Delaware River, and pushed Howe's army back.  It was Washington's strategy of crossing the Delaware, Christmas Night with 2,400 men, that raised the morale of the troops.

Washington sent troops to Princeton as the second part of his plan, pushing the British out as they lost more than one quarter of their men in that battle.  Washington set up winter camp for his army at Morristown, New Jersey.  Even during the winter, both sides fought each other as they searched for provisions.

As a result of Washington's victories, Washington and his army boosted American morale.  New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut would continue to see battles until the war ended in 1783.

Wars/conflicts to continue...

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