Wednesday, October 19, 2011


In recent years, seedy characters have taken to stealing GAR markers from graves for selling on the internet, etc.  LET ME MAKE IT PERFECTLY CLEAR.  I am on the board of our family cemetery, and if anyone steals ANYTHING off a grave site, it is considered THEFT and PUNISHABLE BY LAW.  PERIOD. 

There are many states that have laws on the books specific to removal of items from grave sites and those laws are punishable by imprisonment for a specific number of years as well as large fines.  But, even if there isn't a law on the book, taking anything from a grave is considered THEFT.  Floral arrangements, etc. will eventually be properly removed by cemetery associations, but those are rules that people who buy lots are very aware of in cemetery by-laws.  In fact, for graves that no longer are visual, due to degradation of tombstones, etc over time, the markers within the cemetery that still stand, remain in the cemetery.  It is the veteran's RIGHT and the HONORABLE thing to do.  It belongs to no one else.

If you find a marker that is being sold or you simply find one, and it doesn't matter which war it is from, contact your local veteran's administration office, American Legion  or VFW organization for direction as to whom to contact. 

REMEMBER, these veterans put their lives on the line or lost their lives so that you and I can live under the very freedom they fought for.  They have earned the right to rest peacefully with EVERY HONOR THEY HAVE EARNED.

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