Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Final discussion of Question number 4-f.) of the Interview Question Form " Do you know of any organizations that our family has been affiliated with, such as the D.A.R. [Daughters of the American Revolution], Mayflower Society, Any Fraternal Organization, such as the Masons? Freemason? [These will end up giving you another avenue of research if there are any]"

The purpose of researching your family history to see if there are organizations that an ancestor was a member of is simply to add more information to your database, fleshing out the character traits and things of interest to your ancestors.  In the process, you may be lucky enough to obtain some information within the records of the organization that you did not already have in your database.  Most organizations keep minutes of their meetings and those minutes might have information within them, especially if you have a ballpark of dates to narrow down the time frame you want to search.    You may find entries in record books that give a person's birth and/or death dates, or whether they served in the military.  Some even offer benefits to survivors of deceased members, so you would find information relating to that member's death.  The other purpose is it could very possibly give you a lead as to other places to research. 

For example, if you are of Polish descent, as I am, you might want to research THE POLISH NATIONAL ALLIANCE, which is one of the oldest and largest Polish fraternal organizations in the United States, or the THE POLISH FALCONS OF AMERICA .  These are just examples of where your research can take you if you are not easily finding the information you are seeking on an ancestor.

Below you will find a list I put together of some websites that will have a long listing of organizations and fraternal organizations that exist.  I will add to these links as I find more information I feel will be of use to the readers.

 If you have any questions on any type of organization you may be researching, please feel free to comment or contact me!

My next post I will be addressing question number 5 of the Interview Question Form.  I invite comments or thoughts at any time! 

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