Friday, August 13, 2010


Section number four, of the INTERVIEW QUESTION FORM that I've developed, entitled WHAT FAMILY MEMBERS DO YOU REMEMBER BEING ACTIVE IN YOUR LIFE?, will help you to amass a great deal of information straight from the 'horse's mouth," as they say. Here you want to take time to recollect the family members who have had an active part in your life, and try to remember any conversations you've had with them that will contribute to your research. Perhaps they have even told a story about an ancestor that was in their life. Even if it comes in bits and pieces to you, write it down because there may be another person in the family who can flesh it out for you. Remember, your role in this research is the role a detective plays. The tiniest bit of information can open another door in your research. You'll find that I say this time and time again because I cannot stress it enough! It's the single most important rule in genealogical research, along with keep your records in order! Again, amass the information you do know about the people that have been in your life. Following the questions I have posed for you in section four will help to guide you and joggle your memory! Bring out those family albums, ask questions about the people you remember and those you have no idea about! Someone in your family may know who that mysterious person is in one of the photos! You get the idea--just get out that detective hat!