Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Re: Guest Comment 5/26/09

I just wanted to acknowledge Betty-Lu Burton's great input in regards to those who do research on the FamilySearch Indexing Site! By the way, this site has an incredible wealth of information and I have used it countless times over the years! I will be addressing searching the internet for family records at a much later date, but I felt it was really important to notate Betty-Lu's comment at this time. I have copied and pasted below what she wrote:

Anonymous said...
I do indexing on the FAmilySearch indexing site. One thing you might want to emphize is when you use the internet and you can view the original record from the index DO IT! Not everthing is indexed, and sometimes you might read the record differently. Some of those writing the records a first grader could have written.
Betty-Lu Burton
Her suggestion is a perfect example of the things we all learn as we gain more experience in researching family records. Betty Lu's emphasis here further supports the absolute need for proper documentation! When you are searching the internet, you are usually relying on someone else entering the information from the original document! We all have the greatest of intentions, but we are still human and therefore, errors can occur when we least expect it! So compare the information in various documents and if you find discrepancies, you will have to do your best to find other avenues of documentation, and if at all possible, view the original document! Again, I will address this further at a much later date, but felt it was necessary to thank Betty-Lu and applaud this very important notation from someone doing the actual hands on indexing for this most valuable site, FamilySearch.org

Thank you, Betty-Lu!

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