Monday, October 6, 2008


The list of people who have contributed to my quest of researching my family tree could go on & on, so to each and everyone of you, my deepest gratitude for generous spirits & wisdom for the ages.  This site is a tribute to all the dedicated, generous and good hearted souls who strive to continue great legacies for generations to come.  

On a personal note, I'd like to especially honor several of my ancestors:  William & Susanna White who faced the great unknown on their voyage to a new world when they took their first steps onto a little ship called the "MAYFLOWER."  They brought a young boy named Resolved White and an unborn child who would miraculously survive that long voyage.  Their love for adventure, their bravery and courage, I know I carry within me, as well as other countless descendants, nearly 400 years later.

Philip & Mary Kendall Goss, who were part of the Founding Fathers and Mothers of the county in which I was born and raised.  Against all odds, they forged a life despite the dangers they knew lay ahead of them.  It is their tenacity, courage and great sacrifice, like so many of their generation and those before, that carved out a life that would eventually allow their descendants to live the great American Dream.  In these current times of uncertainty, there are those who question the validity of that dream.  But for people, like myself, who have travelled through many countries, I say with great conviction that there is no Dream that lives with greater hope than the one that founded this great country of ours so many generations ago.

It is a great honor for myself and my family to know we are the living legacy of men & women who built this country when it was first born.  It is in honor of my Father who embodied their spirit in his uncommon ways, and in whom I found so many of these honorable, familial traits, that I erected this site. It is a tribute to his great wealth of knowledge not only of his ancestry, but the land which he loved to walk, land he loved, cared for and protected until he could walk no more.  It is because of him and all those who walked this land before him, that I pursue my love of genealogy and share what has been passed down to me and anyone who desires to honor their own legacy.

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