Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I'll be providing some overviews on the programs I've listed and links to the websites where you can get additional information or purchase it if you like.  Please note that I have not used any of these programs, other than where indicated.

Over the years, I have used various programs, however many of them are now discontinued.  I have always upgraded as better programs were available.  These days you will find that upgrades are usually provided by the companies either for free or for a discounted fee.  I am not making any recommendations by listing these programs.  I am simply providing you a list, reducing some time researching what's available to you and hopefully in the process you'll find the guidance necessary based on your individual needs.

Keep in mind there are shipping & handling charges for items sent to you.  Taxes determined per state and transaction.

1.)  Agelong Tree version 3.1.1 The site can be translated from english to Russian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian & Latvian. This version was released December 27, 2007, and earlier versions can be upgraded. The first version was released in 2002.

"Agelong Tree is a computer program intended for building family trees, storing and displaying information about people and key events in their lives. The program automatically builds a family tree for any person, has a mechanism of events allowing the user to make complex biographies, stores texts, photos, sounds and videos, searches, sorts and filters data and shows statistics."

It looks to me like you download it for free, but you must register it in order to have access to all the features:
"In an unregistered copy of Agelong Tree you cannot enter and edit more than 40 persons in a file. If you open a file containing more than 40 persons, the program will work in "read only" mode, so you won't be able to modify data. To remove these limitations you should register the program. Registered users get all new minor versions of Agelong Tree free of charge, and are given a large discount when they buy new major versions (i.e. versions where the first figure of the version number is changed, for example version 4.0)." -

Agelong Tree registration costs US $39.95.

Operating System: Requires Microsoft Windows® 2000, XP or Vista.

2.)   Ancestral Quest version 12
  "Ancestral Quest (AQ) family tree software is the easiest to use and most versatile genealogy program for Windows on the market. Its format is perfect for the beginner and yet powerful enough for the most advanced genealogist. Easy data entry, keyboard shortcuts, scrapbooking, and excellent sourcing capabilities are just some of this genealogy software program's wonderful award-winning features.
Create professional looking Pedigree Charts, Family Group Sheets, Ancestry charts, Descendant charts, genealogy book reports, fan charts and more.
AQ has special links to on-line genealogy databases, including and, which can help you research your family history more easily than ever."  -

You can download a free unregistered version as a free trial, and then you pay a fee to register the software. That is currently $29.95. But, you can purchase the new customer package below also, which has help files.

"Ancestral Quest 12 - This package is for new customers and includes the Ancestral Quest 12 software, complete documentation via help files, one registration key, and Line Upon Line - A Beginner's Guide to Genealogy by Margery Bell. MSRP $39.95    CD-ROM purchases include the Ancestral Quest 12 software CD including the AQ11 Quick Start Video Tutorial.
View the tutorial online, right now for free." -

Operating System:  "Ancestral Quest is a Windows program. Some users have been successful at using AQ on a Mac with a Windows emulator." -

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