Thursday, October 9, 2008

Continued Genealogy Software

3.)  Ancestry Family Tree -- Used with databases.

4.)  BirthWrite 2.6 --BirthWrite is Shareware. 
" That is; you are welcome to try BirthWrite for 10 days. After that, if you like it, you're expected to register to continue to use it. The program is not restricted during those 10 days and, in fact, the program doesn't even keep track. In theory, you can keep on using it as long as you like. But please don't.

"Release 2.6 - Jan 27, 2002
• Web Page directory size.
• the number of individual web page files per directory is now 1000. If more files are generated than that, extra directories are used. The individual ID's are used to decide when to generate a new directory. So individual 1001 will be placed in a different directory then 1000. This number can be changed in the registry AFTER you have published at least one tree.

• Files for publishing on an MS IIS server.. Requires some ASP smarts to used."

If you like it, you are asked to register. 

Cost:  Registration is $30.00 US or $35.00 Canadian.


5.)  Brother's Keeper--Shareware: You can download FREE TRIAL

"Brother's Keeper is a Windows genealogy shareware program that will help you organize your family history information and let you print a large variety of charts and reports. BK6 works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista. There is no charge to download BK to try it out." --


Brother's Keeper 6.2 will run with Windows Vista.
["There is NOT a Macintosh version of Brother's Keeper. However, if you have a new Mac that can run Windows programs, then it will run in Windows mode."]

You may order the registered program with the manual for $45 (or less for current registered users)

6.)  Family History System --Shareware 
"a set of programs for creating and maintaining files of family information, including relationships, and for printing charts and reports presenting information in those files." -

"The Family History System only runs on equipment that is compatible with the IBM family of personal computers. The DOS version of the software will run on a PC with at least 512k of RAM, an 80 column monitor and an HD diskette drive (or CD drive). The Windows version will run on a PC with any version of Windows.

___ $10.00 Update to Public Version of Family History System only
NOTE: All documentation (158 page manual) is provided on the CD
that you receive in the form of MS Word formatted document files.

___ $35.00 FHS Registration
(The Public version of programs is included in package)
Although you may share copies of the public version of the programs
that you receive, the programs that support the Extensioned Options
may only be used by you and members of your immediate family.
You will be notified of future major updates to the system.

___ $15.00 Update to Registered Version of Family History System
(For previously registered users to receive the most recent update to
the complete set of programs. All updates are cumulative...this will
bring any earlier version of FHS up to the latest level of enhancements.)

NOTE: If you have previously received the latest update to the extended
system and simply need a refresh of the extensions to receive recent
changes, there is no charge.

Media Format: The software is distributed on a CD with a "web style" interface to the contents.
The CD contains all documentation and programs for FHS and the preliminary FHSWIN
version as well as the complete content of this web site.
(The DOS version can be supplied on HD 3 1/2" diskettes if requested.)"


Operating System:  Windows

7.)  Family Matters -- Shareware

"The cost of registration of Family Matters is US$35. There's also a CD available with everything on it that can be ordered.
Once you have registered your copy of Family Matters, you will have the ability to store as many families and persons in as many different files as you wish. If you have not yet registered, the only limitation is that once you have reached or exceeded twenty families in a data file, you'll not be able to enter more. (Hint: a GEDCOM import can exceed it by thousands.) Payment of the registration / order fee will provide you with a UserID, Key Code, and the latest version by mail."

Operating System: Windows

Cost: $35.00 US

8.)  Family Software --
"Famware is a comprehensive system for recording and sharing family and genealogical information. First released in 1982, it was the first software of it's kind for the IBM PC compatible marketplace.  Thousands have used our feature rich software to organize family and genealogical records and to communicate and build better relationships with family, relatives and friends.  Easy to install and use, this latest version delivers many powerful new features. " 

System Requirements:
• Requires Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP. 
• A PC with at least a 300 MHz Pentium processor (the faster the better),
• At least 32 MB of memory (128MB if using XP) (the more RAM the better),
• 150 MB of Free Disk Space (the more the better),
• A Super VGA video adapter (800 x 600 or above)  with Hi-Color (16-bit) color quality,
• A CD-ROM drive (for installation purposes),  CD-RW optional (for backup purposes)

COST: $59.95 US

9.)  Family Tree Builder ---FREE software [and it supports 12 languages] available at: 


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